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Want to add a JavaScript code to your store but do not know how? CustomJS app will help you.
Custom JavaScript Shopify app

App features


Improve your store with different JavaScript tools


Just Copy-Paste JS code without coding skills and developer’s help


Save your time with JavaScript integrations

CustomJS app simplifies using JavaScript components and sets you free of tiresome code editing. What's great about the app, is that you shouldn’t be really savvy on how Shopify operates or where to add the code. There is no need to modify the source code anymore. You just place it into the app and start enjoying the tweaks. That’s it!

When it comes to cool improvements for your store, JavaScript plugins are the best. Just some examples of what can be added with JavaScript code:

  • — Online visitors tracking and some analytical tools
  • — Alert and prompt messages, dates and calendars
  • — Interaction sounds for your content,maps and much more

Another advantage is that you can use quite a lot of analytics plugins and tracking codes without the necessity to implement them separately. They all can be added and managed via the single CustomJS app. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrika and many other pixels and systems can be integrated into your store with several clicks thanks to our application.

Why CustomJS app?

CustomJS app is a handy tool both for tech-savvy users and those who do not know a thing about the programming. The app makes it super-easy to add any custom JavaScript script and allows you to:

  • — Simplify JavaScript code usage
  • — Reduce errors and save a lot of time
  • — Add free and paid scripts, create and test your own scripts

Want to add a JavaScript code to your store but do not know how? CustomJS app will help you.


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