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Sales Engine

$0 — $4.99 /mo
Boost sales and build trust by highlighting recent orders and other customer' activity on your site.

App features


Boost your sales by stimulating customer interest and urgency


Display real-time notifications of recent orders to increase customer buying confidence


Trigger purchases with social proof of product popularity

The app uses effective psychological tools to encourage purchases. It demonstrates high value of your items thus motivating customers to buy. The involved ecommerce sales triggers are scarcity, popularity, and urgency.

Customers will see real-time notifications of:

  • — Recent sales of a product
  • — Low stock availability
  • — Other customers looking at this product

You also meet the expectations of consumers who, nowadays, expect to see that type of socially-sourced information before they proceed to buying.

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that suits you most. If necessary, switch to another plan at any moment.

FREE plan - Labels of safe & secure payment methods.

Basic plan - Inline notifications on product pages. For example:

  • — 3 people are looking at this product right now
  • — Purchased 4 times in the last 48 hours
  • — In high demand - only 3 products left

Advanced plan - Inline notifications are extended with pop-up notifications. If you wish, you can add a product image to the pop-up window.

Premium plan - Personalized and more frequent notifications across the whole store.

Implemented machine learning provides more targeted notifications depending on customer actions. The application analyzes customers’ behavior and generates dynamic content for each of them. Such alerts escalates the sense of urgency even more and impress the store visitors.

To sum it up, the app is a powerful call-to-action tool. Use it to improve the buying confidence of your consumers. Are you thinking it over? Others already benefit from it :-)


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