10 Shopify Apps Developers That Offer Affiliate Programs

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If you are looking for the ways to earn money with affiliate marketing or you are a freelancer who doesn’t mind to make some extra bucks by offering your clients additional apps, this article will give you an idea of several apps promoting which may turn to be very profitable.


Bold is a widely known company that builds apps and provides custom development of any complexity. Their apps and suite of tools focus on merchant's core needs including subscriptions, automation, wholesale & B2B, integrations, personalization, the payment experience, customization, and digital merchandising.

Bold offers 10% of the recurring revenue of every app installed with the referral program.

Apps by BOLD

BOLD partner program page


Candy is running referral programs for 3,000+ online stores. This is an industry leader. They’ve has been running referral marketing campaigns every day since 2009 and generated crazy $118,225,000 of in sales.

ReferralCandy offers $15 reward for each referred user.

Apps by ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy partner program page


This is another major developer that has a pack of apps for every purpose. They’ve started in 2008 as a freelance team and reached 300K+ clients by the end of 2018. Their mission is to do great works to make merchants’ life better and grow their business bigger. Apparently, they do as far as they have an enormous dedicated community.

Beeketing offers you to earn 20% commission for life for every referred customer.

Apps by Beeketing

Beeketing partner program page

Pixel Union

This is also Canada based team with headquarters in Victoria. They started their journey in 2009 creating themes for WordPress. After 10 years in the e-commerce development business, they have extensive experience and are proud of every pixel they create.

Pixel Union offers a 20% share of theme revenue referred through their site. Each theme costs $180. $36 buck will be your cut for one referred sale.

Themes by Pixel Union in Shopify Themes

Pixel Union partner program page


This is a reviews app that empowers Shopify merchants to collect tons of visual reviews from happy customers and create elegant online stores shoppers can trust. Loox is loved and trusted by over 15,000 Shopify entrepreneurs.

Loox offers affiliate marketers to get a 20% revenue share for one year for each store they refer.

Apps by Loox

Loox partner program page


Rewind is a small team located in Ottawa, Canada who name themselves “data backup fanatics”. The founder has an experience of working at Adobe as a Technical Evangelist so he knows much about the topic.

They offer 100% of the 1st and 3rd month's revenue generated from app installs. It’s a one-time payment.

Apps by Rewind in Shopify App store

Rewind partner program page


This is a tiny development and design studio based in Copenhagen Denmark, with expertise in Shopify apps. Björn - the founder, is a one-man army doing everything: sketches, wire-framing, UX design, development, sales content, website, marketing, and customer support. So it will he will be grateful if you give him a hand with spreading a word.

Björn offers 20% of every payment from all new customers you refer, which is a generous share from a guy with two kids.

Apps by FORSBERG+two

FORSBERG+two partner program page


Is a company from California that provides data feed optimization solution for e-commerce. They have long ago became the world’s largest data feed tool offering to sync store products with more than 500 channels in more than 30 countries.

DataFeedWatch is offering 10% lifetime commission on all customers you refer.

Apps by DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch partner program page


These guys provide a solution to build customers’ trust with reviews and ratings. That’s it - simple. But they dedicate all they have to focus on making their app feature reach with intuitive design and beautiful code.

Apps by Okendo

Okendo partner program page

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