Geo-Targeting Pop-ups For Online Store - Introduction

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Geo-Targeting pop-ups are displayed to the users located in the chosen area - country, state, city, etc.

How it works geo-targeting pop-ups work

The location of the users is identified by their IPs, the name of the network to which they are connected to, or by their Internet provider. Received IP is verified with the databases of services that store information about the geographic location of all IPs. This defines the location of the user.

In the case of mobile devices, coordinates are obtained directly from the GPS.

If you target your campaigns by user geographical location, only users from the defined area will see your pop-ups. Sometimes the users from other regions may also see the pop-ups. This happens if their location is very close to the one you target. Rarely geo-targeting services may combine several small closely located locations in one.

Who and why needs geo-targeting pop-ups

Properly configured options provide the following features:

  1. small local campaigns successfully compete with large firms global offers;
  2. the user can determine the nearest sales office or store;
  3. the clients see the personalized offer that will more likely interest them.

How geo-targeting pop-ups help online stores

The pop-ups targeted by the geographical location help to:

  1. increase conversion by managing traffic and redirecting it to the storefronts in users’ language;
  2. increase sales by offering products to the local audience with free shipping;
  3. increase trust or engage the audience with a personalized message.

Cases of how to use geo-targeting pop-ups

Personalized pop-ups targeting users by geographical location can be used to:

  1. redirect visitors to the storefront in another language;
  2. celebrate local events and make special offers;
  3. display legal information;
  4. personalize welcome pop-ups with greetings in different languages;
  5. display reviews of the local customers;
  6. offer different shipping rates and delivery time.

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