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Scalable Hosting Solution

High Availability Hosting Solution For Heavy Workloads

Advantages of auto-scaling for businesses

  • Prevention. We have an automated multi-level server monitoring system that informs us about the status of server resources. We offer solutions to our customers long before the resources run out, or scale resources up and down automatically.
  • Efficiency. Infrastructure control allows us to minimize scaling time. Your store does not even need to close for maintenance.
  • Only necessary expenses. We add the exact amount of resources needed at the moment. Not two or three times more than you need, but just as much as required for the stable and predictive performance of your business, taking into account the actual load and the dynamics of its growth. When the load decreases, your expenses decrease as well.
  • Peace of mind. Manual tasks are automated to reduce errors and focus on customers.

Scalable Hosting Solution built for Enterprise Websites

Our Enterprise Scalable Solution is a fully managed solution for high traffic websites. Experience reliability and scalability with our load balanced environments. Each application is hosted on multiple nodes and new nodes spin up automatically in case of traffic spikes, making sure your website stays up and running.

Right now we support scaling of

  • CS-Cart Enterprise websites
  • Magento Enterprise websites

High Availability Hosting Solution For Heavy Workloads

Whether you are a high growth brand, a large Ecommerce store or a media website, we understand the critical importance of 24/7 availability of your website. Our Enterprise Solution comprises of a cluster of nodes powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensuring the health and availability of all the components. When a cluster node goes down, another is spawned automatically to avoid application downtime.

Our Enterprise Scalable Hosting Solution is built for high-demand websites. We help you prepare for both planned and unforeseen events, such as traffic hikes or peak times, to ensure that your website remains up and running without any downtime.

Scalable Hosting Solution For High Traffic

Whether your content has gone viral or you are running promotional campaigns, it is difficult to accurately predict traffic spikes. Our Enterprise Hosting Solution scales fluidly for the heaps of traffic coming to your website. As the demand increases, additional resources are automatically allocated for continuous functionality.

Dedicated Onboarding & Priority Support

Our team of cloud engineers and experts will migrate and configure your website on our high-availability and load balancing environment.

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Here Are Some More Features That Simplifies Scaling Complexities

  • Managed Security. Our robust security infrastructure ensures that your website remains secure. From dedicated firewalls to security patching, we take security very seriously.
  • Cache Recipe. Our optimized stack includes NGINX, Varnish and Redis for enhanced performance of your enterprise application.
  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring. We proactively monitor the health of your application in real-time and detect issues. This gives you absolute peace of mind.
  • Managed Backups. We offer managed backups that can take both manual and on-demand backups of your website’s data for your peace of mind.
  • Scalable Architecture. Our Enterprise Scaling Hosting offers incredible flexibility allowing mission-critical websites to scale seamlessly.
  • Traffic Load Balancing. With our Enterprise Scaling Hosting, your application is fronted by a Load Balancer that manages the load automatically.
  • Reliable Database. Our Enterprise Hosting offers a highly available database for application sustained health.

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Our Enterprise Scaling Solution is ideal for rapid growth brands that demand high availability, redundancy, security and auto scalability for their mission critical websites. Get 24/7 priority support and performance.