Fashion Pack

Add custom product description fields, care, and model info.



About Fashion Pack


  1. Add custom fields to the product description
  2. Add care instruction
  3. Add model info

What is Fashion Pack?

Fashion Pack is a set of tools created specifically for fashion retailers. It allows you to extend the product description with additional fields, care instruction, and model info.


Why you need Fashion Pack?


Improve shopping experience

Having an extended product description in one place is more convenient for the buyers. They don't need to search for additional information about the product. Make sure they will find enough information about the product without leaving the page.


Extend the pleasure of owning

The pleasure of the owning will last as long as the product lives. Add care information to the product page to help your customers care about the product the appropriate way and extend its life. With care instruction, your store will become a source of valuable information which might drive the visitors back to the product page.


Help customers to make a decision

Add model info and enable buyers to compare and get a clear understanding of whether they will look like the models at the pictures.



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