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Geo-based pop-ups, redirects, sign up forms, discounts, etc.



Geo Targeting - Custom Pop-Ups is a trusted tool that displays special messages, pop-ups, and redirects based on visitors’ geographical location. Use it if you’re going to reach clients globally.



1. Display pop-up, banner, redirection, discount, product, currency & subscription campaigns
2. Target by country, state, city or ZIP/Postal code
3. Use lots of stuff for free
4. Create a Custom plan and pay for what you use
5. Rich content customization options - text, colors, images, videos, logos.
6. Run campaigns simultaneously for multiple regions
7. Use custom CSS to create unique styles
8. Run on any device


    How you can use Geo Targeting app to increase revenue

    Geo-targeting technologies serve to improve customer experience and as a result increase conversion.


    Banner campaign - a simple pop-up with text and action buttons

    • Welcome visitors in their native language to improve the first impression of your store
    • Display geo-based news, offers or free shipping
    • Announce new collection release and drive traffic to the page

      Redirection campaign - redirect visitors instantly or show a pop-up

      • Redirect customers to the local storefront in native translation and familiar currency
      • Sent visitors to your local resellers or distributors
      • Block visitors from a certain location (e.g. for legal reasons) and send them anywhere on the web

      Subscription campaign - simple subscription pop-up to grow an email list

      • Collect geo-specific emails to run geo-specific promotions later (use tags)
      • Display email request in different languages for better effectiveness
      • Request emails globally excluding EU to avoid a headache with GDPR

      Discount campaign - show coupon code with action buttons

      • Expand to a new market with significant discounts
      • Display geo-based prices by applying discounts automatically for different regions
      • Offer discount to the products that visitor is looking at for extra stimulation

      Product campaign - show a certain product in the pop-up

      • Promote best sellers for each collection
      • Offer to purchase a product while your visitors are reading about it in the blog
      • Announce a hot sale on the homepage

      Other benefits

      Pay for what you use with Custom plan

      Optimize spendings by unlocking the types of campaigns that you use and pay for them only! Switch active campaigns anytime without extra charge.


      Target by ZIP/Postal code

      Ask visitors to enter a ZIP code and if it’s a match they will see the pop-up. If it’s not, you can request emails for further communication.


      Display prices in local currency

      Automatically convert store prices into visitors currency. It’s more convenient to plan spendings while shopping online.



      All pop-ups are responsive and will look neat on any device.


      Coming soon

      • Custom HTML campaign
      • Block by location
      • API access



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