Light Instant Search Plus

Add fast and simple instant product search with GA integration



About Light Instant Search Plus


  1. Install easily.
  2. Save time in difficult settings.
  3. Replace poor standard Shopify search tool.
  4. Enjoy fast live Instant search.
  5. Motivate visitors to use search by showcasing search query type-in preview.
  6. Show featured products on the top of instant search result regardless of the query.
  7. Track search performance with Google Analytics.
  8. Track searched and clicked products with built-in analytics.

What is Light Instant Search Plus?

Light Instant Search Plus is a product search tool created with simplicity in mind. It provides a fast and convenient search with a few helpful features to encourage visitors to use a product search box and spotlight special deals. The application overrides the standard Shopify search and does not affect your theme.


Why you need Light Instant Search Plus?


Increase sales and conversion

There are two types of buyers. Non-searchers, who buy occasionally usually driven by the emotions, and searchers, who are more engaged to make a purchase. They visit the store to find something certain. The searchers are twice more converting. But they will leave the store if the search experience is negative. The fast and convenient search will improve the shopping experience and raise conversion with no effort.


Motivate visitors to search

Transferring non-searchers to searchers is a smart way to increase sales. To encourage visitors to use search, Light Instant Search Plus allows showcasing live type-in preview right inside of the search box. Demonstrate customers product names, brands, keywords or phrases that are being typed in live as they watch. Give your customers an idea what they can find in your store and lead them to the purchase.


Feature deals on the top

Light Instant Search Plus does not only help people to find exactly what they are looking for but also helps to find the best deals inside the store. You can assign the app to show the certain product on the top of the instant search result regardless of the search query and attract additional attention to it. It is very useful if you are running a promotion campaign to support a new product release. You can enable only one featured product to avoid negative search experience.


Analyze and see the difference

We’ve embedded all necessary parameters to track product search performance in Google Analytics. You only need to activate search tracking in GA and enable using parameters in the application. Additionally, Light Instant Search Plus has internal analytics telling what the visitor searched for and clicked on in the instant search result. This feature will help you to see promotion efficiency and the most popular products. Compare this data with sales and draw conclusions.



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