Random Upsells & Cross‑Sells

Random Upsells & Cross-Sells is a cross-selling and upselling automation tool that generates additional sales by offering random products in the most important touchpoints with the customers along all their customer journey - on the homepage, product page, search page, cart page, on “Add to cart” and on Thank you page.

Boost sales by cross-selling

Offer additional products at the right moment and in the right place to get more sales and increase income.


Automate additional sales

Put the whole cross-selling and upselling process on autopilot and watch it brings you money with no additional effort from your side.


Retain buyers after checkout

Engage buyers with amazing products on the Thank you page after checkout. Don’t let them leave the store and restart their customer journey.




  1. Cross-sell anywhere in the store: product page, Thank you page, etc.
  2. Automate the process
  3. Add cross-selling product gallery of random products
  4. Display "Recently bought" notifications
  5. Offer products in pop-ups after the product added to cart
  6. Upsell in new places: empty cart, search bar, negative search results
  7. Improve analytics by making your customers roam around the store
  8. Add blinking website name to favicon
  9. Add blinking product quantity to favicon


How Random Upsells & Cross-Sells makes you money

The application unobtrusively offers more and more products to the potential buyers in most important touchpoints triggering an interest to explore. It relaunches the customer journey after the checkout. And it does all that without bothering you.


Add cross-selling galleries

Whether it’s a product page or a Thank you page, a neat gallery product gallery will engage visitors to explore more related products in a convenient way. Another closed deal is a natural result of this journey.


"Recently bought" pop-up

The app triggers purchases with social proof of product popularity. Encourage visitors to make decisions and act by giving them real-time updates on activity in your store.


Offer Bundles

Increase an average order value by offering several products with a discount on the product page. The app will offer the viewed product with another one or two from your inventory.


Enjoy placement freedom

Offer random products from your inventory anywhere in your store. Add it on all product pages, or on the search result page. You can even place it in your blog post using a special code. Display it as a gallery or as a floating button with CTA.


Restart customers journey over and over again

Make your visitors explore your products. Don't let them leave with an empty cart.


Refresh shopping experience

Stimulate customers to explore your products as a part of the game. Moreover, if you’ve had nothing to do with “No results found” for your on-site search, now you can give the searchers a way out by offering them random products.


Get better rank

By guiding your visitors through the store you encourage them to stay longer and take actions, which is a positive signal for the search engine to reduce your bounce rate and increase your website rank.


Big data, machine learning, and personalization

Random Upsells & Cross-Sells application for Shopify is an alternative to complicated big data, machine learning, and personalization tools. It was created with simplicity in mind for the businesses with traffic under 1 mln visits a month.



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