Sales Engine ‑ Social Proof

Real-time highlights of orders & customer activities in store



  1. Demonstrate in-store activities.
  2. Motivate customers to buy.
  3. Stimulate interest.
  4. Trigger urgency.
  5. Add secure payment method labels.
  6. Display the open product quantity left in stock near the favicon.
  7. Let the machine analyze your audience, generate dynamic content and sell for you.

What is Sales Engine - Social Proof?

Sales Engine is an effective psychological tool to encourage purchases. It demonstrates the high value of your items thus motivating customers to buy. The involved ecommerce sales triggers are scarcity, popularity, and urgency.

Show labels of secure payment methods, recent orders, low stock availability or other customers looking at this product. Inline or pop-up notifications are available.

Why you need Sales Engine?


Increase sales

Sales Engine boosts your sales by stimulating customer interest and urgency. Real-time notifications increase customer buying confidence. The app triggers purchases with social proof of product popularity. By using Sales Engine you also meet the expectations of consumers who expect to see that type of socially-sourced information before they proceed to buy. The most trusted recommendation is the purchase—if people buy, it’s worth it.


Breathe in life into your store

Not only the text of the message encourages visitors to buy, but the feeling that the store is not desolated and actively operating. Make the store feel crowded. Your customers will never feel lonely.


Spring out of the window

Sales Engine allows you to throw a stimulating trigger up to the window tab. If the visitor is on the product page and for some reason goes to another tab, Sales Engine starts displaying the open product quantity left in stock near the favicon. It keeps your customer visually connected to your store even if they're somewhere else.


Let the machine sell for you

Implemented machine learning provides more targeted notifications depending on customer actions. The application analyzes customers’ behavior and generates dynamic content for each of them. Such alerts escalate the sense of urgency even more and impress the store visitors.



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