Create custom reports using ShopifyQL within your store admin


Note! ShopQL app allows creating the reports only for the Dev, Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus users.


  1. Install easily.
  2. Free to use.
  3. Create thousands of report variants.
  4. See the entire picture of your store performance.
  5. Stay inside Shopify admin.
  6. Get help with ShopfyQL queries.

What is ShopQL?

ShopQL allows you to generate various reports using ShopifyQL right inside your admin panel. The application is using Shopify Analytics API to retrieve necessary data fast and create comprehensive tables convenient to work with. Read more about ShopifyQL in the Knowledgebase.


Why you need ShopQL


Create sales reports

The information about customers' orders based on criteria such as sales by month, sales by channel, or sales by staff.


Create payment reports

You can see information about the payments that you've received, including payment totals, the payment methods that your customers use, and details about the order that each payment is attributed to.


Create taxes reports

Includes information about the taxes applied to sales, including tax totals, tax rates, and details about the order that each tax payment is attributed to.


Create visits reports

Will tell you about your Online Store visitors, such as their landing page, the device that they use, and which marketing campaign they can be attributed to.


Create customers reports

The customers' schema gives you access to insights about your customers and makes it easy to segment your customers according to their purchase history. Insights include first-time versus returning customers, and automatic segmentation that separates your customers into promising, loyal, at-risk, and dormant.

All the data from the reports can be mixed with each other to create a necessary combination of features in a custom report.



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