Social Targeting & Promotions

Sort visitors by social media and target them individually



  1. Find out what social media your customers prefer.
  2. Target audience by social media with promotions.
  3. Reinforce your social activities with engaged traffic.
  4. Ask visitors to interact with your social channel while shopping.
  5. Grow your primary social community faster.

What is Social Targeting & Promotions app?

Social Targeting & Promotions is a tool that allows you to find out what social media your visitors use and see the statistics. The app checks what network the visitor is logged in without retrieving any personal information. Knowing your customers' preferences, you can create custom pop-ups to address them with individual engaging messages.


Why you need Social Targeting & Promotions?


Prioritize your channels

With enhanced social analytics, you will definitely know what channel should be your primary. Do your customers prefer Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or something else? Find out.


Grow your community effectively

Ask people using Facebook to follow you on Twitter and you will see zero results. Run promotional campaigns, hold secrete sales and share valuable insights only to those visitors who are more likely to get engaged and join your community.



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