Yelp Widget ‑ Reviews & Rating

Show Yelp business info and existing reviews in your store



About Yelp Widget ‑ Reviews & Rating


  1. Embed Yelp profile to your Shopify store.
  2. Use existing reviews instead of collecting new.
  3. Customize the Widget appearance.
  4. Embed it anywhere in your store.
  5. Link several Yelp profiles and create Widgets for each of them.


What is Yelp Widget - Reviews & Rating?

Yelp Widget is a simple and fully customizable tool to build trust to your Shopify store by adding reviews, photos, ratings and more from the most trusted feedback source - Yelp.


Why you need Yelp Widget - Reviews & Rating?


Win loyalty

Demonstrate your Yelp profile to build trust, boost sales and increase conversions with social proof


Save time

Why collect new reviews for your Shopify store if you already have them on Yelp? Embed your Yelp profile and start showcasing existing reviews, photos, ratings, location, opening hours and engage customers. Take full advantage of one of the most famous and trusted crowd-sourced reviews site - Yelp.


Control everything

Yelp Widget for Shopify has different layouts for you to ensure it will look properly on any device. Specify practically everything from fonts and colors to the number of reviews and photos in the Widget. Embed it anywhere in your store. Moreover, you can link several Yelp profiles to one Widget account and generate different widgets for each profile from one store.



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