Dedicated developer
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Dedicated developer

Looking for an expert who will dedicate all the time to your project? Our developers have an extensive experience of working as a part of another team. Hire a technical expert or a high-grade team to take the efficiency of your project development process to maximum.
Dedicated developer

Service features


Full dedication

The developer will focus on your project only, without any interruptions.


Accelerated progress

The coding will take less time if the developer dives deep into a single project.


Live communication

Hire a developer and have him on the phone while reviewing your project.


Though we are doing our best to dedicate our efforts to every project we have, there’s no way to forget about the rest and to stay focused on a single one for several days. Just because we value every one of you. But there’s a way to take your project development process to the maximum level.

For long term projects we can provide you with a dedicated developer who will take care of you only. His only task will be to please your ecommerce needs. Having him in touch will allow you to control the process and to make amendments right away.

Why work with us


We build a long-term partnership with each our customer. We have clients working with us 10+ years. We believe that honesty and being open to dialogue is the key to build trust.

Ecommerce expertise

We develop ecommerce solutions for local businesses and for global enterprises since 2005. And proved to be reliable partners to thousands of entrepreneurs from 170+ countries.

Customizable solutions

Every product we release has unlimited potential for modifications. A tiny feature you bring up can grow into a separate service.

Freedom of imagination

There is no such thing for ecommerce that we can’t develop. Stop scrolling existing apps searching for something close to what you need. Tell us what you need and we’ll create it.

Complex approach

We are never superficial. Solving a problem we search for the cause. Developing a feature we stay cautious to avoid errors because of functionality incompatibility.

Warranty period

We provide a 100-day bug free guarantee. We will fix the bugs for free within 100 days since the release. We also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Our process

1. Idea & gathering requirements
2. Analysis & preparation of specification
3. Drafting
4. Design
5. Coding
6. Code review & testing
7. Demonstration & installation
8. Training for administrators
9. Warranty period
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